The EPIK Project

I spent some time this afternoon consulting for an anti-trafficking non-profit called EPIK.

EPIK is unique in that it aims to address the demand side of sexual exploitation. Essentially, sex trafficking is created by men who feel entitled to purchase sex and don’t have the innate protective Godly love for young girls that men should.

EPIK’s tagline is, ‘Men created the problem, better men should fix it.”

This ministry is unique not only in that it addresses the demand side (many anti-trafficking efforts are on fighting the other side), but it addresses demand in an internal and spiritual way. Stronger laws and higher prosecution rates on Johns and Pimps are huge, but deterrents alone don’t address the need for men to take ownership in actually standing for the vulnerable and avoiding behaviors that contribute to sexual exploitation of women.

Anyway, check out the video below and if you get the chance, check out the EPIK website and e-mail a ‘hello’ to Tom Perez.

The EPIK Project in a nutshell from Tomas Perez on Vimeo.



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