The Good Shepherd

The Good ShepherdLast night I went with some family and friends to the movie The Good Shepherd. There’s nothing like going to the movies on a holiday!!

It had one of those “life moves to fast and then its over” themes. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of movies like that… Rocky, Munich, the comedy Click and now The Good Shepherd. All of them show men who get lost in careers or pursuits and then wake up one day wondering “what happened?” It’s somewhat depressing, but also realistic.

Tamara and I talked after the movie about the dangers of ministry and how we want to make sure our life doesn’t end up like that. I don’t want my kids to look back someday and feel like daddy was never home or never played with them. I want to grow closer to my wife and family as time goes on… not move further apart.

Anyway, realizing that “life is like a vapor” and that I don’t want to make bad choices has left me excited about our upcoming series on the book of Ecclesiastes. I can’t wait to dive in and focus on life from a big picture standpoint – because that’s what the book of Ecclesiastes (more than any other in scripture) focuses on.

May we all heed the Psalmist and learn to count our days…



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