The Grand Paradox

The Grand Paradox

Can you do me a favor?

I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into a book project where I tried to distill all of my passion and thinking from two decades into a book on the pursuit of God and the nature of Christian spirituality.

It has been a long and challenging experience. It has left me at times exhausted and wondering if I needed to learn fully many of the lessons in the book before it launches this January.

It has also been refreshing and humbling. Many of those I would call friends have had a hand in helping refine and develop the text. And many whom I deeply respect have been willing to put their name to it by way of endorsement.

Here is a note that just came in from Nicholas Wolterstorff:

Many of those who write about faith have an idealized version
of faith in mind, which they describe in cliché-ridden language
that makes those Christians who do not experience such faith feel
either guilty or angry. In The Grand Paradox, Ken Wytsma talks
about actual faith, not idealized faith. The faith of which he
speaks is not only for  our messy world but also of  our messy
world—while yet trusting and revealing God. Thoroughly honest,
never evasive, free of clichés, deeply Christian, encouraging
rather than scolding in its tone, it is the most perceptive and
helpful discussion of faith that I know of.

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter
Professor Emeritus of Philosophical
Theology, Yale University, Senior Research
Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in
Culture, University of Virginia

So, the favor I was asking: would you consider joining through one of the following ways?

If you’re a blogger, would you consider joining the Launch Team by filling out the form below?

If you’re a pastor, would you consider doing a sermon series on faith based around the themes of the book or gather a small group to study it?

If you’re looking for last minute Christmas presents, would you consider pre-ordering the book on Barnes and Noble or Amazon and wrapping the order confirmation as a gift or using as a stocking stuffer? (One of the biggest pieces of getting a book picked up and in stock are based off of consistent pre-sales across many zip codes.)

More than any of that, however, would you be willing to help pray for me and the launch of this book that it might help some people on their faith journey and may serve in some small way to glorify God?



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