This beautiful mess

This beautiful mess

Today I had a knot in my stomach…

I couldn’t tell whether it was from the Thai food I ate for lunch or the dozen things that went wrong today.

It’s been an interesting evening of prayer, running through the scripture in my head and preaching old sermons to myself.

Here are some of my meditations:

  • God allows (and sometimes brings) dark nights to remind us of our dependence upon him
  • Stressful situations usually have a gravitational field around them — they suck us in and allow us to only see the bad and none of the good
  • I really want to give a sermon during December talking to Christians who have “lost their first love”
  • It’s hard to relax and be normal while you are waiting for something important
  • God’s promises come before God’s deliverances

I like the title of Rick McKinley’s new book, This Beautiful Mess. So much of life really is lived in the tension between the beautiful and the ugly; the easy and the exhausting; the uplifting and the debilitating.

It’s no wonder that Jesus’ greatest promise wasn’t a solution, but his continued and faithful presence walking with us down many of the difficult roads he himself walked down.



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