Why is it that sometimes the healthier a church gets the less people tithe?

My thought is we naturally tend to give to need or urgency. We give most when we feel the importance or empathize with critical situations.

Health doesn’t convey need.  Health doesn’t scream dire consequence.

Therefore, I think the times when Antioch is doing the best people sometimes seem to give the least.

It could also be the fault of communication.  Sometimes when things are healthy it is hard to communicate all the needs effectively and – the thing we like to talk about least… money – gets left off.

It could also be that I’m not good at asking people for help when I should be asking people for help.  It’s easy for me to sit around thinking there are plenty of people who could lend a hand, write a check or help raise funds, but then I never actually go find those people.  It’s hard to filter out the friendly folks who would be willing to do the heavy lifting if asked.  It’s awkward… and I don’t do good with awkward.

I’m sure it could also be the economy, the uncertainty and the many needs all around.  Antioch has always been a very generous group of people.

Whatever the context, if you’d be up for investing in Antioch or Kilns College, I’d love to share the vision, the needs or just sit down to coffee or lunch.  I believe in these organizations and would love the opportunity to tell potential donors why!

Holler at me at [email protected] or you can always learn about ways to give to Antioch at antiochchurch.org/onlinegiving

I’d also covet prayers for funding for us as well as the many other great organizations in Bend who could use financial support!!



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