To the Gambler (in all of us)

To the Gamble

The trade you are seeking—taking what you have, what you know, what you value—

The risk you are hazarding—putting relationships, faith and integrity on the line—

To the gambler hungry for pleasure and instant gratification. To the gambler believing the lie.

To the one who thinks the idol you’re worshipping won’t devour you in turn.

To the gambler who talks about right, fair and just—but thinks only of self.

To the one infected with individualism… to the gambler in all of us,

… one more purchase won’t make the pain go away

… burning bridges isn’t your path

… divorce is not the option

… quick-fix is not a real solution

… pleasure only masks the unhappiness

To the one who would gamble with life, redemption is the path; humility the victory; forgiveness the new beginning.

Integrity goes down better than instant gratification.

To the one striving for more, desperate for change, lonely and in despair—to the child in us who would gamble with life—surrender.

Only love can conquer and redeem your brokenness.



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