Tom Rowley

I had lunch with Tom Rowley, the US Director for the environmental group A Rocha, yesterday.

In follow up, he sent me this paragraph… I love it!

You asked me yesterday how to move people toward reframing quality of life from consumption toward shalom. Thinking a bit more about it, I realize I gave only a partial answer (not that I have a full answer): relationship. Another piece of the puzzle is, I think, learning. Here’s the logic behind that: we take care of that which we love; we love that which we know; and we know that which we learn. And the best way to learn is in relationship–whether it be relationship to a text, a person, a place, etc.. It’s the relationship (the experience) that moves knowledge from head to heart, and it’s the heart that leads to change.

For what it’s worth….

(A Rocha is engaged in Christian Conservation ministry in almost 20 countries worldwide – check out their work by clicking on the image below)



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