Why Redux?

Here’s a little bit I wrote when we started taking Questions and Answers at Antioch over a year ago:

Martin Luther began the Reformation by nailing 95 issues (called “theses”) to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany in an attempt to dialogue with others about the Christian faith in hopes of returning to a more authentic New Testament expression. His desire for dialogue was met with excommunication.

The mistake we often make is to believe that questions lead us further away from truth. Therefore, questions are bad.

The truth is that questions can facilitate greater understanding that lead us closer to truth. Therefore, questions – if answered in a way that leads to greater understanding, are good.

The Q&A Service is Antioch’s attempt to give church back to the people it was created for. It is our attempt to bring back and restore permission for people to ask questions and wrestle with faith – thus the name redux, which is Latin for “brought back” or “restored.”

To check out all the videos on Redux visit the Vimeo site at: http://vimeo.com/redux



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