Year-End Giving

I hate the money side of church.

Anyone who works with me knows it.

I don’t like talking about it, thinking about it or trying to raise it. I’ve never wanted to give someone the opportunity to think money is why we do what we do.

This December, however, I’ve learned that there is one thing I dislike more than talking or thinking about money – it’s not having enough for the ministries or the staff at church.

Therefore, I’m leaving a blog post about money.

Antioch still needs to raise $6,473 more to make budget for this year – and probably several thousand more to be in a safe spot going into the new year.

On one hand, it’s remarkable that we’re this close to hitting budget.  The people of Antioch have always been very generous. On the other hand, we’re running way too low on funds and living too much on a week-to-week basis, which isn’t healthy in the long run.

If you’d like to make a year-end contribution to Antioch or set up a recurring donation, simply click here or follow this link:

God has always (I mean always) provided for Antioch and I’m sure this season will be no different!



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