Antioch Turns 8

Antioch Turns 8

This past Sunday, Antioch celebrated our 8th birthday! We asked everyone to submit some of their favorite memories from their time in the community and this Sunday several of our long-time members read aloud the highlights below:

My favorite memory is…

Family communion night. Vulnerable speakers.

Watching the church body celebrate with me when I got baptized.

My second Sunday in Bend was over 4 years ago when I sat in an Antioch service. I was so much in need of friends and a community and I knew I had found it in Antioch.

Watching kids, then adults play greased watermelon football at Crescent Lake church camp this year!

Antioch means changed lives–the many testimonies recently of people who have been impacted by our church.

Meeting my husband at the first Justice Conference! We were both volunteers.

The morning Ken said, “Care enough about the truth to go deep with it” close to five years ago.

The announcement that Antioch has contributed over $400,000 to Bend schools.

Any time Micah grabs the mic…good times right there.

Our family’s favorite tradition of Christmas Eve Services at the Tower Theatre.

Bonfires at kinship.

Art Sundays.

Worship with Justin Lavik and Grace.

Hosting an intern for the summer and the lasting friendship it has brought our family.

Aaron Wells telling stories on stage and for the kids.

Randy Jacobs’s testimony about the birth of the mobile medical van ministry in Central Oregon.

The launch of The Justice Conference.

The closeness of our home group and how we support each other.

Seeing Linda’s smile and energy each week as we bring our children to Antioch Kids.

Having my life changed in a Kilns College class.

Watching my 10 year old daughter be baptized in the Deschutes.

Breaking bread with fellow Antioch members in home group: fellowship, food, fun!

Settlers of Catan late at night, Risk, and making some really good friends.

Richard Twiss visiting July 2012 – perspective matters! What an incredible human.

Walking into the movie theater eight years ago. I knew then it was the place for my family.

From the staff: Getting to welcome 170 interns into our family from over 40 colleges and universities; watching our online Redux videos travel all over the world, garnering over 1.5 million views; and baptizing 150 people in the Deschutes River.

It was really cool to see a lot of the corollaries to the original Antioch Dream that we wrote before the church was planted in 2006.



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