Are Liberal Arts Colleges Facing Extinction?


By Guest Blogger: Melissa McCreery

I recently read an article about the decline of Liberal Arts colleges in America. It appears that administrators at many liberal arts schools may be bailing on their mission statement—to provide a classical approach to education that teaches students to question, analyze, and think critically—in favor of adding vocational and professional programs to attract students who are interested in gaining  more “practical skills.”

Victor E. Ferrall Jr., president emeritus of Beloit College and author of Liberal Arts at the Brink, states that the largest problem (and reason many schools are moving in the direction of career preparation) is because Americans fail to see the true value of a liberal arts education.

In my opinion (and you’re certainly welcome to disagree with me… many people do) liberal arts colleges are critical to the future of education, as the knowledge gained at such institutions speak into students’ character development and education as a whole. Such an education provides a valuable college experience and can certainly be applied to any profession or career path upon graduation.

I invite you to read Scott Jaschik’s article— Disappearing Liberal Arts Collegein its entirety and weigh in on the debate surrounding the liberal arts today. Share your thoughts in the comments section. How do you fee about a liberal arts education vs. career/professional preparation? Do liberal arts colleges still play a crucial role in American society? Or are they antiquated?



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