Ed on Unity

This morning, I read a bunch of quotes on church unity my good friend, Ed Underwood, has been posting over the last few weeks on his Twitter account.

Here’s the list – it’s pretty legit!

We are born to make it all about me and reborn to make it about others.

Biblical unity requires Christlike humility; uniformity requires worldly power.

Biblical unity is based on trust; uniformity is based on agreement.

Biblical unity develops Christlike character in community; uniformity develops a few desired characteristics in a cult.

Biblical unity encourages honesty to reveal failures and heal faults; uniformity encourages hypocrisy to shame failures and hide faults.

The values of biblical unity are dictated by biblical truth; the values of uniformity are dictated by the opinions of the loudest.

Biblical unity views authority and submission as expressions of love. Uniformity views authority and submission as expressions of control.

Uniformity says, “Don’t question or disagree!” Unity says, “If it’s your honest question ask it, if it’s your honest comment make it.”

Biblical unity always demands humility but never demands uniformity.

Every Christian is either increasing or decreasing the influence of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth by his or her commitment to harmony.

Unity unleashes the power of the church!

Christian, your influence in society will not come by imposing biblical righteousness but by demonstrating biblical righteousness.

Christian, your influence in society will not come by demanding your rights but defending the rights of others.

You can follow Ed at http://twitter.com/edunderwood
Also, mark your calendars for July 3rd when Ed will be speaking again at Antioch.



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