Human Rights Series

The human rights sermon series at Antioch kicks off this Sunday…

It’s weird, I feel like this Sunday’s service – more than any other, is what I would want new people to come and be a part of.

It’s not that it’s slick… it’s not because of the music… it’s not because of some super guest or anything like that.

I want people to come to this service because I think they will walk away with the idea firmly planted in their minds that Christianity is a movement. (Isn’t that implied in the words “follow Christ?”) We’re not here to simply sit and pamper ourselves – no matter how much we talk about the bible or practice religiosity. (That is what the Pharisees did).

Our call is a call to service… which is nothing more than love in working clothes.

Our call is a call to go… which is opposed to disinterest or passivity.

Our call is a call to live justly… which means that we must care less about ourselves and more about others.

And if we don’t live out THIS call, God will be set against us… Simply read Isaiah 58 and you’ll understand what I mean.

This upcoming service is all about that call and it is all about the movement that Antioch is on.

So I feel deeply that this is the service I would want people to come to…



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