Letting Go of the Past

I had a long talk with a very good friend today.

She’s not only good as in “a close friend”… she’s also good as in “wise” and “mature”.

Anyway, there were several points in the conversation where I was talking about things, people and places from where I used to live. She knows those things, people and places. And she called me on my attitude several times over.

It’s funny, as I get older and as I receive more criticism (believe it or not, there are critical people in churches)… I am getting better at accepting the things that are true.

My friend criticized me in the right way… the way that is gentle and holds a mirror to yourself so that you can see the truth.

I finally cut off the conversation and said, “I think you’re helping me realize that there are some things that I need to get over and some things that I need to forgive so that I can let go and move on.”

It’s funny how we have buttons that we don’t even know are there… We all have things that we need to “let go of” or forgive.

Today was a good reminder that we need to be open to hearing what is coming out of our mouths, that we need good friends and that there are plenty of people and things in our past that we need to forgive.



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