Today there were 420 people at Antioch. It is the first time there have been over 400 people in a service and I think it is pretty darn cool to see what has happened from two years ago when we started til today.

Now I know someone will jump all over this and start accusing me of being everything that I’m not, but that’s okay. Numbers are not why we exist. Numbers don’t necessarily mean health or significance (there are a lot of things that are big that I wouldn’t call significant or good). Numbers don’t influence our decision making… the elders have always valued health and unity more than pleasing people or building attendance.

Having said that, it is pretty neat (like in Acts chapter 2) to see “more and more being added” – especially when all of those numbers correspond to actual people and especially when we hear from so many of those people that they were hurting and Antioch has become a place of safety, community and healing.

Right now, I’m excited about 420!



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