Out of Gas

So my first week back after “guy maternity leave” and I’m flat out of gas!!

I have new found respect for Tamara now that I’m getting the girls ready for school and ready for bed and a host of other things. Motherhood is too hard for me!

Here are some updates:
– Mary Joy has forgotten her lunch twice this week (on my watch)
– Having people bring you meals after having a kid is awesome!
– I’m glad Tamara and I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy a long time ago. We watched it again with Kim Hunt last night and those shows are like crack cocaine. I wouldn’t stand a chance if I watched it a couple times in a row.
– However, 24 is starting up again on November 23rd. Long live Jack Bauer!!
– Speaking of Kim Hunt… holding a guys remote hostage in his own home for 2 hours is not cool.
– The new baby is an angel… until midnight, and then she’s a terror from midnight till 6:00 a.m.
– I’m becoming more and more a fan of affirmation. Does anyone else think that more affirmation and less criticism would be cool?



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