On Reading

Here is a quick answer to a question I was asked today on my view of reading.

It stemmed from a comment I made about advice I received once about not reading too many marriage or parenting books. (The advice aimed at speaking to the temptation toward formulas and feeling the need to copy that can come from reading “how to” books.)


Hey _____ – the advise on not reading the parenting books (and my comment about it) was part facetious.

I think the issue with reading comes down to this:

– Not letting reading of Christian books replace or overshadow Bible reading
– Realizing there are good books and bad books and making sure we read the former

Outside of that, I think the more someone reads the better!!

Education, knowledge, perspective etc. requires reading. I don’t think there’s ever been a good argument against reading in general… just against reading bad books and reading narrowly.

Hopefully that gives a quick shot of where I see this one.



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