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Faith produces obedience out of trust, not its full knowledge of all the facts and concurrence with God’s divine strategy. This is what Jesus showed us in his death (Phil 2) that God’s plan was above the individual plan; that we are most in God’s will when we are most submissive.

As I look at most of the blessings I believe God has brought in my life, there are many instances where they came about because of things I had done or sacrifices I made purely out of a desire to follow where I believed God was leading—even though it seemed risky, crazy, or counter-intuitive.

The conclusion I’ve drawn is that if we want to receive more of the blessings, we’re well off to trust more ruthlessly and be willing to risk more in our pursuit of God.

God will never look at you and say you trusted too much.

Basically, be a part of God’s story. Don’t hope God’s blessing is stuff; rather, hope God’s blessing is you and on you. I find this old adage to be as true as any, don’t ask God to bless what you’re doing, find what God is blessing and do it.

Or, as my friend Eugene Cho puts it, “We ask God to move mountains but forget that God also wants to move us. In fact, it’s possible that we are that mountain.”

What is God’s will for my life?  To serve His will with my life.

“No, the easiness of Christianity is distinguished by one thing only: by the difficulty.  Thus its yoke is easy and its burden light—for the person who has cast off all his burdens, all of them, the burdens of hope and of fear and of despondency and of despair—but it is very difficult.”  Soren Kierkegaard



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