Art Sunday

This Sunday is our second shot at “Art Sunday.” The halls and lobby of the school will be filled with art from artists in the Antioch community. All of it will be for sale with the proceeds going to missions projects. We’ll also use this Sunday as an opportunity to talk about Africa and our …

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The Magazine

The “Antioch Magazine” rolled off the presses last week and was handed out at Antioch this past Sunday. I love it!! It is the perfect picture for me of what can be done when ministry and art are married together. It was a fun project that was made possible by a deal we received on …

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Sermon Art

I really loved the sermon art from this past “Art Sunday,” so I thought I’d throw it on the blog for posterity’s sake.

Art Thought

I’m inundated with art right now!! People have been bringing things to Kim all week to put on display for “Art Sunday” and I have been surrounding myself with verses and thoughts dealing with art in preparation for Sunday’s sermon… Here’s my Art thought – You can’t go one minute of life without seeing, being …

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Art Sunday

This Sunday is our first shot at an “Art Sunday.” The plan for Art Sunday is to display artwork from Antioch artists as well as build the service and message around the intersections of Art and Theology (it’s amazing how much there is in scripture that has subtle art themes!!) The funny thing about our …

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