San Francisco

Open air tour buses, Fishermen’s Wharf, Sourdough Bread, The Golden Gate Bride and just a little bit of rain… we’ve been in San Francisco this week for the girls’ Spring Break. It’s been good to be offline for a while. We’re now in Redding California – good for an In N Out Burger and some …

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Mount Hermon

Good news… we just confirmed our reservation for the family to get away to Mount Hermon this summer! It seems like Tamara and I dream about vacations all the time these days – probably because they’re hard to come by with 4 kids and a dog. Anyway, we’re absolutely stoked about a whole week at …

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Quantity Time

I once had a mentor tell me that shooting for “quality time” with people was misplaced. He argued that you can never necessarily plan for or determine what time will actually be “quality” and produce long lasting memories. Rather, he said, plan for “quantity time.” Somewhere in the middle of lots of time you will …

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Yesterday was the first time it was Mary Joy’s birthday on Thanksgiving Day since the day she was born (a neat story for another time!!) We celebrated by eating on Wednesday night and going to Disneyland yesterday. We thought we were pretty smart, but it turns out that half of California goes to Disneyland on …

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North Umpqua

I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a bit while taking a guy trip. I went with some friends (Kyle Beall, Gary Christenson and Brandon Groza) to camp and raft the North Umpqua. It was a solid time all around and left us with some pretty stellar memories… like the hilarious one of Brandon hitching …

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