Race and Diversity

Promoting Race and Diversity in the Church

Not too long ago, I had an opportunity to talk with Leroy Barber (LB), co-founder of  The VOICES Project, and Aaron Graham (AG), Lead Pastor of The District Church in Washington, D.C., about their ideas on leading an organization, church, or other group toward a deeper, shared understanding of race and reconciliation. I value both highly for their own commitments …

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Guest Post: Premeditated Failure

Editor’s Note: Ben Larson is the Director of Performing Arts at Antioch Church. By Guest Blogger: Ben Larson “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” ― George Washington Carver I have a confession to make: I am guilty of first degree failure. Everyone fails. It’s part of being a …

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Quantity Time

I once had a mentor tell me that shooting for “quality time” with people was misplaced. He argued that you can never necessarily plan for or determine what time will actually be “quality” and produce long lasting memories. Rather, he said, plan for “quantity time.” Somewhere in the middle of lots of time you will …

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I was talking with Rick Gerhardt yesterday and came up with a saying: We want missionaries not crusaders. Missionaries seek to serve, reach and and build up, while crusaders look to critique, wage war and tear down. I have no desire for Antioch to become the biggest church around. I do, however, have the desire …

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