oxygen mask on first

Leader, it’s okay to put your oxygen mask on first

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had many moments of anxiety during this crisis period of pivoting and reacting. Yes, our church is trying hard to deliver online services and to connect directly with our people, but in all of the long hours and heightened sense of urgency, I’m left feeling we’re missing something.  […]

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Race and Diversity

Promoting Race and Diversity in the Church

Not too long ago, I had an opportunity to talk with Leroy Barber (LB), co-founder of  The VOICES Project, and Aaron Graham (AG), Lead Pastor of The District Church in Washington, D.C., about their ideas on leading an organization, church, or other group toward a deeper, shared understanding of race and reconciliation. I value both highly for their own commitments

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The leadership at Antioch met Wednesday night for our monthly board meeting. It was one of the coolest meetings that I’ve ever attended. What carried the meaning for me was the lengthy discussion we had around the word “Solidarity.” Solidarity, as a word, came out of French back in 1841 and means “mutual responsibility.” At

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Team Unity

I’ve been on a “Team Unity” kick with the staff at Antioch lately. The longer I go in ministry I’m beginning to believe that the best legacy we can leave as a church isn’t necessarily the great things we do, but the mistakes we avoid. Put another way, church health over the long run is

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