Vision Talk

Tomorrow night is the last vision talk on Kilns College. If you’d like to hear what is going on in the area of education in Central Oregon, that you don’t want to miss out. You can find directions and read more by visiting our (soon to be spruced up) blog at:

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Vision Sunday

Sunday we’re giving a kind of “State of the Union” talk with reports on Africa, the partnership with World Relief, the partnership with Moody Bible Institute (more on that later) and everything else but the kitchen sink!! There’s been so much happening lately that I can’t wait to be able to catch everyone up to

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Antioch Monasteries

I was reading recently about the role the church played throughout the Middle Ages in the formation of law, the development of science, the advent of the University system, the formalization of compassion ministries and orphanages, the propagation of learning and literacy and also the promotion of art and architecture. Central to much of what

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I’ve known for quite a while that vision… big ideas and big dreams, is what gets me excited. No matter how tired I am, if I get to brainstorm and think of what could be and should be it immediately energizes me. Currently, I’m caught in that tension – tired, but fueled with some fun

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The North Star

The North Star is probably the most recognized metaphor for anything that guides, sets direction, locates position, or provides context and reassurance. In leadership the North Star is vision. Vision is the clear picture of a desirable and necessary future that unites, directs, and motivates a group to struggle forward to that better future. Leaders

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