Christmas Break & The Fun Business

Christmas Break & The Fun Business

I remember when I was in school (even grad school) how important Christmas Break was to my emotional health!

I always went into the break burned out, and then after a little skiing and movie watching I would come back fresh and excited.

The staff at Antioch has been driving pretty hard for a while now. (They don’t say that church planters burn out for no reason.) So I told everyone that I didn’t want to see them the week after Christmas. It’s “Christmas Break.”

I want them to play, rest, get crazy or blitz town – whatever they need to do to recharge and come back in January fresh and excited.

The great boxing trainer Angelo Dundee once said, “I’m in the fun business. If you make it fun you’re going to be good at it.”

So my New Years wish is this: may the staff be fresh and Antioch fun!!



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