Glass Walls

Have you ever run into a sliding glass door?

I have. I ran into our sliding glass door at the beginning of summer so hard that I fell over backwards. The headache that came on was so fast and so intense… the only thing worse was how stupid and mad I felt.

I did what I always do when I’m mad and act immature… I looked for someone to blame. Luckily, there was nobody responsible but myself.

Glass doors and windows are funny that way. I’ve seen my kids, dogs and birds fly headlong into glass when they believed there was nothing there. You see where you are going, but you fall prey to the illusion that you can actually go there.

Today kind of felt that way to me. There are so many ministry things that I can see right in front of my face… so many things that look easy and within reach… so many things that we’ve been praying for and needing. My nose, however, feels like I’ve run into a glass wall.

Whether it is a lack of time, energy, people, leaders, money or resources… much of what is visible is not attainable.

Anyway, I’m hoping and praying that it’s a glass door and not a glass wall. That God has a way he is going to open rather than this being one of those seasons where you get to see the Promised Land (like the Israelites), but don’t get to enter it.



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