Idol Gives Back

Something that always impressed me in the Gospels is when Jesus praises the faith of a Roman Centurian and heals his daughter.

Jesus didn’t preach… he didn’t follow the man home… and he didn’t put conditions on his act.

What he did do was praise the nobility, character and heart of a man who wasn’t a Jew or one of his followers, yet had the faith that Jesus could heal by simply uttering the words.

I think that many times Christians don’t praise noteworthy actions if they are not done by Christians or connected with the church. What Jesus showed us, however, is that a good action is a good action. Something worthy of praise is worthy of praise regardless of the ethnicity or religion of the person who does it.

Tonight I watched the American Idol special “American Idol Gives Back.” It was a fundraiser to help needy children in America and oversees in Africa. At the halfway point 30 million had already been raised.

It was a good event. It was a good cause. It was praiseworthy… regardless of not being Christian or connected with the church.

It feels good sitting in appreciation of Hollywood for a change!!



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