Staff Retreat

We had a half day staff prayer retreat out in Sisters this morning. It was primarily focused on solitude and I could have stayed out there all day and not minded. For me, there’s nothing more restorative outside of sleep than solitude (and maybe movies!)

First Time

I’m finding myself for the first time in ministry dealing with the effects of a poor economy. Ministry takes money, but it’s not a fun thing to have to focus on or deal with. It’ll be a good growing experience, I’m sure, and it certainly has been good for my prayer life…

Worship Night

Antioch is having a church wide worship night tonight at Summers Hardwood Flooring. So here’s the truth… I wasn’t too stoked on going, but the more I’ve been hearing the tough stuff going on in people’s lives over the last two days (life is messy), the more I’ve begun to really look forward to just …

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The God Card

I was talking with a couple at lunch yesterday and mentioned how I don’t usually like it when people throw “The God Card.” What I meant is that the statement, “God told me…” immediately cuts off conversation and puts others in an awkward spot. Either they agree with you, or they seemingly go against God. …

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