7 Layer Dip

I remember someone once telling me that they thought when God works in things that it is like a 7 Layer Dip. The idea is that He is not just doing one simple thing, but that when he moves it is complex, layered and deep. I think I agree… When we act there is usually …

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Prayer Prison

Tamara started a small group tonight for married women on the topic of prayer. She’s super excited and it’s fun to watch her passion. One of the questions she asked the ladies tonight was this: Try to imagine something about prayer that doesn’t have anything to do with what you’ve heard, seen or experienced. It …

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I sometimes struggle with church strategy and prayer. If I believe what the bible says about prayer I will put more stock in a single righteous man or woman praying for our church than a year’s worth of prayer meetings and prayer campaigns. How many do you think prayed for rain before God answered Elijah’s …

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